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Items are priced using a combination of a pricing API and proprietary pricing depending on item rarity, desirability and volume. We don't accept Souvenir items, weapon cases of any kind, expensive stickers and extremely rare collectibles.

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You can email us at support csgo You půjčky do 10000 lvl 500 a level for every 50, Bux you bet on the Main Wheel or in the Duels game mode. Do NOT use any third party browser extensions. Furthermore, in order to instantly trade, you need to have it enabled for at least 7 days at the moment of the trade.

Why is my location blocked? Available skins will show up under the "Inventory" page, where they can be selected for deposit. Duels that are not finished within 30 minutes are cancelled and all balances are refunded. Enable them by clicking the lock icon in your browser URL. Users need to be at least Level 1 and have a previous deposit to withdraw.

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For more information, please check the Knowledge Base. Be wary of giveaway and impersonation scams. While using our bots for trading items is not forbidden, it's discouraged by enforcing a policy that requires users to bet the full value of their deposits before they can withdraw.

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Your Bux will be credited to your account. What are the chat commands and how can I use them? A trade offer will be sent. Make sure you have available skins in your ExpressTrade Inventory If they don't show půjčky do 10000 lvl 500 there, they may be in your OPSkins Inventoryand they need to be transferred 3. They can steal your Bux and you will not be refunded! There are many scammers lurking CSGO and their actions are inventive so try not to get fooled.

We require you to have be at least Level 10 before being able to chat to prevent spam. You can enable browser notifications in půjčky do 10000 lvl 500 to stay up to date on CSGO giveaways and news. Do NOT execute any third party scripts in your browser console.

What are the withdraw restrictions?

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You can use the form in the account page. Minimum balance for creating a duel is Bux.

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Under "Shop" select the items you want to withdraw 2. We cannot grant you access to our game modes due to your country's laws and regulations. If your browser does not support push notifications, feel free to upgrade to the latest version of Chrome by visiting this link.

How to withdraw VGO skins: Grayed out items are not accepted. Click the red button to accept.

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Duels are our secondary game mode on CSGO To prove a round is fair, make sure the following equation holds: Unlike the Wheel of Fortune where you are playing against the house, Duels offer you equal odds and the chance of playing against 1, 2 or 3 different people.

Since you are not losing any items in the trade, a two-factor-code is not required this time. Click the red button to accept it.

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Drag files here, or click to upload settings. You need to be at least Level 1 and have a previous deposit in order to transfer Bux. How much do I get for referrals? You will receive an OPSkins Trade offer for your items. How do I enable browser notifications?

How do I level up? You are blocked from accessing the website from the United States or the United Kingdoms.

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Doing so will get your account restricted and Bux removed. What is Provably Fair? Can I transfer my Bux to other players? You receive 50 Bux, and the referral receives 1, Minimum allowed price for an item is Bux. You can test it using any SHA hash calculator, such as this one What are Duels and how do they work?